2. Select an orbital for viewing. Click on a line in the scheme.
You selected orbital number
Question: Of what type is this orbital?
sigma (bonding)
sigma* (anti-bonding)
pi (bonding)
pi* (anti-bonding)
You can do the bookkeeping of the number of electrons in bonding and in antibonding orbitals in the boxes under the scheme, in order to determine the bond order (question 2 below). Enter the MO number for each electron in a bonding or antibonding orbital, in this example 11 in the 'bonding' field.
bonding:   antibonding:
  3. Answer the questions 
  1. What is the number of the highest occupied orbital (HOMO)?
1   2      
  2. What is the bond order in the molecule?
1    2    
Enter MO number of
each 'bonding' electron
Enter MO number of
each 'antibonding' electron
Select one of the
options below by
clicking the circle